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ReFeel Story - From Nightmare to Healing

Around ten years ago, during a trip to Japan, I absentmindedly applied some lip balm that had been sitting untouched for ages before snapping a photo. Little did I know, that simple act would trigger a nightmare.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, I found that no matter what lip balm I used, my lips felt dry and tight. Over time, the skin around my lips became red, swollen, and incredibly itchy, sometimes even oozing fluids. It became unbearable, affecting my daily life and robbing me of sleep.

In the midst of my struggles, life became even more hectic. I embarked on a two-year master's course at university, all while navigating the city's social unrest. It was a perfect storm of personal and external challenges, and my body and mind couldn't cope. Skin issues, insomnia, emotional instability, and a weakened immune system plagued me for years. I blamed the lip balm and the beef I had eaten in Japan, but in hindsight, it was merely the tipping point. Years of accumulated stress and unresolved issues had finally reached a breaking point.

But I refused to let the nightmare consume me. Instead, I turned it into an opportunity for growth. I started crafting my own lip balm and delved into the world of aromatherapy. As someone who had always been sensitive and broken, I began creating skincare products using only mild, nourishing botanical ingredients, steering clear of harmful additives like alcohol and fragrance. My skin and overall well-being underwent a profound transformation.

With the love and support of friends, I began the journey of Refeel in 2018. Today, ReFeel serves as a reminder of the healing power of nature and the strength found in adversity.

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